Product Name:

Color Coated Steel (PPGI / PPGL) 

Available Size:

Thickness:0.12-1.2mm, Width:600-1500mm


100%LC at sight or 180 days LC or T.T

Product description

Color Coated Pre-painted Steel Coil (PPGI | PPGL)


The properties of Color Coated Steel are tough coating, completed protection, low maintenance and long life.

Pre-painted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel combines utility with beauty. It consists of tin, chrome, zinc or paint, which are the extra finish applied to the natural steel surface. The application of coating is to protect the surface of steel from oxidation and it is also used to enhance requirements for visual appearance.

Major foreign paint supplier

Netherlands AkzoNobel  and Sweden Beckers

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Product Specification




coating color

RAL colors 图片1.png




Type of substrate

Galvanized steel | Galvalume steel |Aluminum

Type of coating process

Front: double coated&double drying. Back: double coated&double drying, single-coated&double drying


Soft hard(60),medium hard(HRB60-85),full hard(HRB85-95)





Top Painting

Primer: PU or Epoxy 5μm

Top coat: 15-25μm

Zinc Coating


Back painting

Back Primer: PU or Epoxy 2-5μm

Back Coat: PE or Epoxy 5-20μm

Surface Treatment

Protective film can be applied
Metal Embossed

Coating introduction

Top paint: Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF), High Density Polyeste (HDP),  Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP),  Polyester (PE), PU

Prime paint: Polyurethane, Epoxy,  Polyester (PE)

Back paint: Epoxy, Modified polyester


Soft hard(60),medium hard(HRB60-85),full hard(HRB85-95)


Production core strengths

l Resistance to acid rain:

Coating protection mechanism: It is very easy to form acid rain in the high level of industrial emissions or pollutants environment. Acidic penetration is formed in the surface of pre-painted steel, and accelerates the corrosion, forming blistering, peeling and so on.

l Resistance ultraviolet rays:

Coating protecting Mechanism: pre-painted sheet in ultraviolet or strong sunlight conditions, the coating will exhibit chalking degeneration, manifested as discoloration and loss of gloss, lose paint quickly.

l Resistance to humid heat:

Coating protecting mechanism: in hot and humid environments, high osmotic pressure of water vapor accelerates penetration, forming the degeneration of painting film, then the corrosion of the substrate, with the phenomenon of bubbles and peeling.

l Resistance to low temperature:

Coating protecting mechanisms: most of the paint can keep stable processing performance above 0 degree, but at alpine region, the temperature will be below 20-40 degree, normal paint will become brittle,bend cracking, or even lose paint, thus protection function is lost totally.



Pre-painted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel are used in roof structure, surface sheet of balcony, frame of window, folding screen and electrical equipment. Pre-painted steel can be formed into almost any shape, and it has excellent resistance to weathering, superior longevity and texture options.

Product Line

We have 2 picking line with production capacity of 600,000 tons. 3 cold roll lines(1500mm) with production capacity 900,000 tons,2 GI lines with production capacity 600,000 tons. 1 GL lines(55%Al-Zn 43.5%-Si 1.5%) with production capacity 300,000 tons, 2 PPGI/PPGL line with production capacity 600,000 tons.

The factories’ technicians are of great engineering experience in sheet industry for more than 10 years, which are in great command of production technology for corrugated roofing sheet ,galvanized steel coil,PPGI PPGL sheet etc .





Our Service

We offer Service For 500+customers ,and our products are sold to over 50+ countries and territories.


Quality control test

  • Surface Test.

  • Cupping test.

    The coating cup drawing tester Used to assess catsuit slow deformation under coating ability to resist cracking or fall out .

    The cupping test is a test method applied in the metalworking industry and is used to determine the ductility of sheet metals and strips.

    For the performance of cupping tests on sheet metal a spherical drawing punch is pressed

into a clamped metal sheet until a crack appears. The cupping test is used to assess drawing formability.

1598066717276934.jpg 200x132 自动杯凸试验机.jpg

  • Flexibility Impact Tester  Used to assess catsuit coating at a very fst deformation ablility to resist cracking or fall out .

  • Hardness tester and Tensional test .

.1597397954705379.png 200x132.jpg

  • Coating thickness measuremen

1597890999393644.jpg 200x132 thicknes.jpg

  • MEK test is in follow Video . 


  • Gloss meter 

Gloss Meter will measure the gloss of a surface where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required.


  • Salt spray test is srtificial salt spray environment ,simulate marine climate ,used o check Anti salt spray

corrosion performance of GI and PPGI ,and evaluate the quality of the protective coating process  .    

    A salt spray test is a corrosion testing method that uses high-saline environments to measure the corrosion resistance of products, paints and coatings over extended periods.

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