Quality Control

  • Visual inspection for surface.

  • Cupping test.

    The coating cup drawing tester Used to assess catsuit slow deformation under coating ability to resist cracking or fall out .

    The cupping test is a test method applied in the metalworking industry and is used to determine the ductility of sheet metals and strips.

    For the performance of cupping tests on sheet metal a spherical drawing punch is pressed

into a clamped metal sheet until a crack appears. The cupping test is used to assess drawing formability.

  • Flexibility Impact Test. 

     Flexibility Impact Tester Used to assess catsuit coating at a very fst deformation ablility to resist cracking or fall out .

  • Hardness tester and Tensional test .

  • Coating thickness measuremen

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  • MEK test  

    There are numerous ways to test paint cure but one of the most traditional is MEK rubs.

  • T-Bend Tester

    T-Bend Test is designed to evaluate the flexibility and adhesion of an organic coating on a metallic substrate by observing the cracking or loss of adhesion when a coated test panel is bent.This method can be used to confirm whether paints, varnishes or related products meet a given test requirement in a pass/fail test, or to determine the minimum bending diameter at which cracking does not occur.

  • Glossiness test

Gloss Meter will measure the gloss of a surface where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required.

  • Zinc (AZ) layer test

    Our Min Zinc(AZ) layer coating is 40g /m2 .We focus on high quality product only .

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  • Salt spray test 

    Salt spray test is srtificial salt spray environment ,simulate marine climate ,used o check Anti salt spray

corrosion performance of GI and PPGI ,and evaluate the quality of the protective coating process  .    

    A salt spray test is a corrosion testing method that uses high-saline environments to measure the corrosion resistance of products, paints and coatings over extended periods.

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